Ben Giddey


My approach is grounded in working with body awareness, emotion and energy in the present moment as a way of accessing, resolving and clearing unconscious "excess baggage" from the past, and facilitating new, fuller, grounded ways of being in the present.

I have been working as a therapist for nine years since qualifying in 2011. Overall, I have spent six years training in Energy Healing, Shamanic Practises and Counselling, and I am still training now.

I undertook a three year Professional Diploma in Integrated Energy Healing from 2008-2011, at the School of Energy Healing (S.E.H).

Now known as The Foundation for Integrated Energy Healing - The School of Energy Healing was originally co-founded in the UK in 1999 by Marc Blausten and Shereen Joshua. Marc brought his knowledge and expertise of energy healing from his studies at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing and combined it with extensive skills in other healing disciplines. The residential training at S.E.H was intensive. The curriculum was both theoretical and deeply experiential. Classes included Chi Gung, Reichian Characterology, Spiritual Psychology and Energetic Anatomy. A major part of the training was to be in our own healing process, in one to one therapy and in group healing circles. I learnt from working with my therapist in my own process and from observing therapists working with my peers.

I began practising at festivals in the UK in 2012, offering Integrated Energy Healing (latterly Shamanic Energy Healing) in the Healing Area of some of the more conscious festivals. I practised regularly at Buddhafield Festival, The Green Gathering, Sun Rise, Off Grid Festival, and Green Earth Awakening over a period of seven years, 2012 to 2018.

Working with people in my tipi, by the fire, close to the Earth, under the Sky, I connected with the Elements, with the Ancestors and with the Helping Spirits.

I felt compelled to ground my experience in a broader context, and connect with the Old Ways of working with Spirit (Shamanism). To this end, I spent a year training with Chris Luttichau at Northern Drum., 2013-'14. I still sit regularly in circle with Northern Drum at our local Drum Circle.

Again, like any good training, much time is spent healing through one's own personal process, individually and in ceremony work. Connecting with the teachings that Chris brings from his 30 years working with elders and teachers in the US and Scandinavia was very powerful and very grounding. As well as being of deep personal value, I learnt a range of beautiful healing techniques for helping others.

I have had a keen interest in Buddhism and meditation over the years, motivated by a passion for truth and an interest in the true nature of reality. I became very interested in the Tibetan Buddhist practise of Dzogchen. I was fortunate to recieve transmission and teachings from Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche on some of his visits to London. Meditation and practise of Dzogchen underpins my therapeutic work with clients. Making time to be with the essential and ever changing nature of "how it is" creates a spaciousness for phenomena to arise in the field of consciousness, to move and to resolve. The process of Awareness, Release, Integration, can be seen as the basis of all healing.

My work is inspired by a love of people and compassion for all sentient beings sourced from my own experiences of suffering. I value the healing qualities of truth, love and authenticity in my work.

I am currently training in Integrative Counselling at Heartwood Centre for Counselling and Psychotherapy.

Studying and practising the counselling approaches of Person Centred, Gestalt and CBT is proving an inspiring experience, one which has made me realise much about my previous training and is helping me to contextualise my work in relation to more mainstream "traditional" Western approaches to therapeutic practise. Of my two main teachers at S.E.H., one had a background in psychotherapy, the other was on a shamanic path. These approaches meet and blend in the modality of Integrated Energy Healing which I practice.

If you want to find out more about me, I have started a bit of a blog. My most recent post on there has some autobiographical aspects. You can read it here.


Relevant training and qualifications:

School of Energy Healing, Diploma in Integrated Energy Healing, 2008-2011

Shaman's Doorway, Northern Drum, 2013

Northern Drum, One Year Shamanic Training, 2013-2014

Land and Spirit, Geomancy Intensive (Earth Accupuncture), 2015

Ancestral Medicine, Ancestral Healing Intensive with Dr.Daniel Foor, 2019

Heartwood Counselling, Integrative Counselling Level 3, 2018

Heartwood Counselling, Integrative Counselling Advanced Diploma, Level 4, 2019-2021

Other stuff:

B.A.,Hons, Drama, University of Northumbria, 1994-'97

City and Guilds, Horticulture, Regional Centre for Organic Horticulture, Dartington, 2002-'04

Refuge Ceremony and Teaching Retreat with Sogyal Rinpoche, London, 2001

Goenka Vipassana Retreat, Hereford, 2002

Transmission and Ati Yoga, (Dzogchen) Teaching Retreat with Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche, 2012, 2013

Transmission and Dzogchen Teaching Retreat with Lama Lena, 2015, 2016

Amaravati Monastery, Hemel Hempstead, Personal Retreat, 2002, 2018