Integrated Energy Healing

Integrated Energy Healing is a holistic therapy that works with every aspect of the individual; the physical, etheric, emotional, mental, the relational, the soulful and the spiritual.

Vajra (dorje)

A flowing combination of talking therapy, body process work, energy work and "Shamanic" healing techniques, Integrated Energy Healing offers a way of accessing and working deeply with the roots of presenting issues in a safe and grounded way.

In the west, we have fantastically advanced medical care. Our medicines and technologies for working with the physical aspect of a person are excellent in the realms of surgery. However, through our history, we have lost touch as a culture with the old ways of healing the essence of what it is to be alive, the soul and the spirit as it manifests in the physical realm.

 Integrated Energy Healing is soul work. By working with the individual at an energetic level, we work with the ever fresh energy of consciousness that animates the flesh and the bone.

The causes of chronic physical conditions and problems such as addictions, anxiety and depression can often be related to the effects of trauma still held in a person's energy field. There is a relationship between our past experiences, our emotions, thoughts, beliefs, behaviours and physical well being in the present moment. Presenting issues can sometimes be traced back to trauma from beyond this individual lifetime, including inter-generational trauma.

The vajra(dorje) and phurba(kila) pictured represent two aspects of the healing process. The phurba represents the "exorcising of our demons"; discovering, healing and clearing energetic patterning from our past that impacts the present. The vajra represents our Essence, our Inner Light, Pristine Consciousness that is ever fresh and available.

We work with maps of the Human Energy Field, the seven energy bodies and the seven major energy centres (chakras), to navigate our way through the many different frequencies of human experience to bring healing, balance, presence, flow and grounding to your way of being.

Working at the energetic level helps us to bypass the sophisticated, habitual and perfectly valid defences of the personality, enabling us to access the deeper underlying issues outside the awareness of ordinary consciousness.


Where we have worked with energy blockages and issues in the Human Energy Field, we fill with the high vibrational light of awareness. Clients can often experience a new level of clarity, presence, and groundedness, as they step into a new way of being.

So, what does this mean for you in practise?

It means, you will be met without judgement and gently guided through the process.

Your free will and agency is respected and encouraged as having an important part to play in the healing process.

In healing, we observe a wave of Awareness, Release and Integration. Each phase is important, requiring adequate time and attention.

We recognise the individual as part of the wider web of life.

As the Native American prayer says, "All My Relations".

No particular belief system is required to enjoy the benefits of this kind of therapy.  We work with what is happening for you, right here, right now. You are the expert on yourself and your experience.

Sessions are one hour in duration.

Sessions are conducted fully clothed.

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