Surfing the waves of change

Change is the only constant.

Everything changes, and yet in some ways, nothing changes, history seems to repeat. Such is the paradoxical nature of change.

We have entered a phase of extreme and rapid change. This change is affecting all aspects of human society all around the world, economically, politically, socially, we see old structures collapsing and new ones coming in to place. Change is afoot and it is for each person to navigate our path through, in relationship with ourselves, our loved ones, our communities and with the wider collective of humanity.

Such comprehensive and rapid change can be unsettling. It can give rise to a whole range of feelings; fear, anger, sadness, confusion, resistance, denial, rage, despair, anxiety, excitement, depression, numbness, hope, happiness, calm, joy, relief, hopelessness and grief, all can be in the mix, day by day. This can require a lot of processing so these emotions don't get stuck in the body. Such a lot of emotional upheaval can put a lot of pressure on our relationships too.

When we humans sense a threat, a very ancient part of our brain is activated and we go into a survival mode known as fight, flight or freeze. The stress hormone cortisol and adrenaline are released into the blood stream. Long periods of stress can cause toxicity in the body, suppressing the immune system. The physical and emotional symptoms can be debilitating. At such times, we need to listen to what our bodies are telling us and give them the attention we need.

Many people are reporting unusually epic dreams at this time. There is a lot of processing going on in the Human unconscious it seems.

Such extreme times of change provide opportunities for greater self awareness. We may encounter old beliefs that no longer serve us, or be called to look into the darkness of our own shadows, to own our projections and dualistic thinking. We may take this opportunity to move toward greater wholeness, we may find it is demanded of us in order to adapt and survive. Integrated Energy work provides a safe, grounded, compassionate and comprehensive way of working through such potential challenges with a full frequency vision of the human experience.

I am offering Skype and distant healing sessions for those unable to work face to face due to geography or physical distancing measures. If you feel you might benefit from working together or you want to find out more about the work I offer, contact me HERE to arrange a free confidential call to see if this work is a good fit for you.  Skype and Distant Healing Sessions are fully effective and clients find them as beneficial as working face to face.

Whatever your view of what is occurring on Earth in the realm of Human society as we shift into the 21st Century, I am open to working together. All welcome.

No spiritual bypassing, no gas lighting, no BS, guaranteed.

28 Apr 2020