The need for authenticity

As children growing up, everyone is required at some point to sacrifice and supress our authentic feelings in order to gain the loving attachment we need from our parents and carers.

 Watch "The need for authenticity" A talk by Dr. Gabor Mate.

Sacrificing our authenticity for attachment is a valid survival strategy to get our needs met in the short term, but potentially at great detriment to ourselves in the long term. Some of us are required to do it more than others. Some of us learn as children that in order to gain secure attachment and love, we must sacrifice our authentic self. This can become a life long habit with serious implications for our emotional, mental and physical well being, as  Dr Gabor Mate explains in the video linked above.

Dr. Mate` explores the relationship between our emotions and our physiology, which underpins so much of our work in Integrated Energy Healing.

He describes the childhood experience of sacrificing authenticity for attachment, which can become a lifelong habit with serious implications for health.

The process of connecting with, reclaiming and reintegrating the authentic self and the stuck energy that we buried along with it, is a major theme in the work of Integrated Energy Healing. 

The good news is, our Essence is never lost. Trauma may cause us to disconnect from our selves, but we can heal and reconnect with our true Essence.

I've only recently come across Gabor Mate's work and I am so excited about it. He describes from a clinician's point of view exactly the process that we observe as energy healers. He is bang on the money AND he quotes AH Almas who was on our course syllabus at School of Energy Healing!




10 Jun 2019