What to expect in a session

We always start right where you are.  meditation-cushion.jpg

 In a typical session we begin sitting (on the floor or on a chair if you prefer). After some initial discussion of what is going on for you, we begin a process called "dropping in". You simply close your eyes and I help you to bring your atttention inwards.
As you settle, you begin to become aware of what is going on inside you. Then we help you focus and guide your awareness through the layers of sensation and emotions, until we find something that is "charged". That is, something that is ready to be worked with. When we have brought this stuck energy up to the surface we usually then move to work on the table.  


On the table, I always work from the feet up and then we follow whereever the energy needs to go. Depending on the nature of the treatment, there is usually some dialogue between us. Sessions follow a wave of Awareness, Release and Integration. Every phase is equally important. Each session is closed and complete in itself. I ensure that my clients always leave fully grounded and fully in their bodies. 

You can expect to be met and held with compassion, authenticity and deep respect.
I honour your courage in coming here to do this work.

You can expect professional conduct, clear boundaries and confidentiality. The relationship of trust between client and healer is essential to the work. It is my primary concern that you feel absolutely safe and comfortable.

All sessions are conducted fully clothed, though belts and socks may need to be removed. It is requested that you wear natural fibres as far as possible.

All sessions are one hour in duration unless otherwise arranged.

You can have just one session and expect to get some benefit from it, however I usually advise people, if they can, to have a number of sessions (6 sessions on average) at fortnightly intervals. Working over a period of time helps to stabilise any progress you make, support you in your process, and enable you to step fully into the new space in which you find yourself. Working fortnightly gives time for integration between sessions while maintaining the momentum of the work. However, if you are unable to do that we can come to an arrangement that suits you.

I also offer exercises and techniques to help clients manage their own Energy Fields healthily if you need that.